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How to Stay Calm at Home

We all know right now is an incredibly tough time for the whole world. Many are confined to  stay-at-home only to sit and worry about what the future holds. Left with minimal opportunities to relieve the built up stress and anxiety. 

It is important that we keep ourselves level-headed and calm during this time. So let’s stay vigilant and optimistic.

Here are some tips that we have curated to help you stay healthy and calm.

Tip #1 SS- Socialize Safely 

One of the best things you can do is socialize safely. Take some time to bond with your family, friends and loved ones at a distance. Try E-socializing with Zoom, Alexa, or FaceTime. If you’re not up to a video chat, try dialing the phone, we’re sure grandma will pick up. We also suggest getting in some long overdue quality time with those you live with. Playing games and short walks are perfect for building fond memories. These tips are sure to help keep your mind pre-occupied with love and laughter.

Tip #2 Maintain a Healthy Diet

Did you know that during sad and stressful times we tend to resort to our favorite guilty-foods? (Totally OK to do once in a while!) However eating unhealthy actually weakens the immune system in the body. Do your best to pick foods like citrus fruits, bell peppers, turmeric, and various nuts which can help boost your immune system. (recommended by Cynthia Sass, MPH & MD) These superfoods can even become healthy, fun recipes to make with your family! Check out some more ideas here.

Tip #3 Keep Our Mental Health & Sleep Mode Strong

Get enough rest! That’s something that can’t be stressed enough.  A full-nights rest helps keep our immune system strong and your mind sharp and healthy.

And that’s what our products here at Dream Theory are meant to help with. See our product suggestions below.

The Dreamothis Back Printed Teddy Sherpa to Sherpa Weighted Throw

Designed with 10 pounds of pressure, this cozy soft throw has a back-printed teddy sherpa front and a white sherpa reverse. Perfect for the transition between winter and spring. This weighted throw is also large enough to be used on your couch or bed, making it the perfect relaxation item wherever you are at home.

The Altavida™ Weighted Comforter Collection

Designed to be big enough for two, these weighted comforters come in 3 weights. 20lb Twin size, 30lb Full/Queen size and 33lb King size.   The perfect amount of weighted pressure to help both of you get the rest you need at night. Weighted comforters naturally help relieve stress and anxiety, as well as minimalizing tossing and turning for a more relaxed sleep.

The Pür Serenity Weighted Hooded Throw

The Pür Serenity Hooded Weighted Throw is perfect for stay-at-home work and relaxation. Designed with a non-weighted hooded and 10 pounds of pressure throughout the throw, this soft plush velvet to white sherpa reverse is perfect for relaxing at a desk or on the couch.  It also helps calm the mind and body making it easier to focus.

Tip #4 Exercise & Get some Rays

So if you are in self-containment like us, take some time and walk around. Don’t get stuck behind a desk or on a couch all day. Exercise is the best option but if you’re limited with options, try laps at home or even opening a window for fresh air during the day. A backyard or a local park area is good for exercise as long as you can practicing social distancing. For inside exercising you can try the many on-demand work out programs available, or some of our personal favorites, at-home song-pilate workouts on YouTube.

Tip #5 Stay Calm & Vigilant.

Although this period of time is very strenuous and questionable, the best thing we can do as a society is stick together and stay calm. Help each other out and keep each other uplifted and relaxed with some of the suggestions above. Stay vigilant and optimistic. We’ll get through this.


Wishing you strength, wellness and serenity.

From your friends at Dream Theory